Some stress IS good for you

We’ve often been told that in order to survive in this life, we should avoid undue stress at all costs. An interesting article released in Psychology Today this week, says otherwise. It turns out that people who embrace the stress in their lives, adapt more easily to cope with their circumstances and in so doing, live healthier and happier lives.

I’ve been through some pretty difficult situations over the last decade of my life, yet I feel that I am the most stressed I have ever been over the last few months. In between trying to get my child into a good school, and completing yet another re-write – in the eleventh hour – for my novel, to being on two different business incubator programs at the same time, I’d say being busy is an understatement. To top it all off, I’ve just come out of my first business pitch to funders and program investors. But here’s the funny thing: I am so so happy right now! So when Nick Tasler says that if you believe stress will kill you, it will, but if you believe that stress is a normal and healthy occurrence in your life, I believe him based on my own experiences.

At the recent launch of my novel Namaste Life, I said that life is seasonal, and that we cannot always have up-cycles with lots of good times. Without the down-cycles when times are tough, we’d never really appreciate the up-cycles. That’s the cyclical nature of life. So instead of trying to run away or avoid stress at all costs, should we not see our daily stressors as part of a normal, healthy life? I’ve accepted that I will be busy for the rest of 2016 and I think that this acceptance has allowed me not only to cope with what lies ahead, but to embrace it.

As my fellow Innotech colleague keeps reminding me, I signed up for the incubator program, so I should not look for reasons to complain. But she need not remind me, I feel that I am finally able to contribute to a greater purpose than my own need for meaningful work – being able to build a product that would give young people in our country a chance to become more self-aware and to connect them with opportunities for meaningful work. It’s a big purpose, but if I can help just a handful of our youth, I’ll have made a difference worth making.

So here’s to good stress!


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