About Ishara

Ishara is a passionate personal development practitioner who lives in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She was first introduced to the science of positive psychology while completing her Masters degree in Organisational Psychology. Her research on meaning and citizenship behaviour led her to leave the corporate world to design programmes that inspire people to create more meaning in their lives.

In her own search for meaning of life and meaning of work, Ishara has indulged her love of the written word. She has written feature articles for women’s magazines, an imaginative e-book filled with short stories about ordinary people making positive changes, and her first fictional novel, Namaste Life, released in July 2016. If Ishara could choose her path in life, she would spend all her time travelling to beautiful, remote places around the globe to walk and talk with unique cultures and people to see the sights and smell the smells of global diversity. She believes that we can all learn something from every person we meet.

All Things Positive is a blog dedicated to the spread and encouragement of positive news, research and information. It is an extension of Ishara’s work in personal development and her academic research in the field of Positive Psychology.

She founded a start-up company, My9Lives in 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa to facilitate programmes for like-minded individuals that realise the value of building on their own character strengths to create greater meaning in their daily lives.

My9Lives works with other start-up entrepreneurs by assisting them to set their initial business goals, assess their entrepreneurial, leadership, and stress-coping styles to enable them to grow into their new roles as entrepreneurs. Ishara is passionate about helping young people understand their personal strengths and weaknesses and to harness their life goals with clarity and direction for a better future.

Her latest product MeQ Strengths Profiling is dedicated to realising her wish for all learners and students to develop a deeper understanding of the self in order to make life decisions with confidence and enthusiasm for the future.


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